Toronto Star shines on Geez

I’m thrilled to see a report on Geez in the The Toronto Star this weekend, see the story here. Before Christmas we sent out a bunch of magazines to a handful of media outlets.

Leslie Scrivener, a feature writer at The Star, called while I was visiting family on the west coast. We had an hour-long conversation, with several follow up calls. She also called Darin Barney, a hot-shot philosopher from Montreal who said some kind things about our humble publication:

“ ‘It fulfills the critical mission perfectly,’ says Barney, the Canada Research Chair in Technology and Citizenship. ‘Often the first target of criticism is itself — not as a magazine, but as critical Christian writers, they turn their questioning ethic most vigorously on their own faith and their own practices. Not as a way of tearing these down, but interrogating them in a productive, fruitful and progressive way.’ “

Aiden Enns, editor Geez magazine

See more media reports on our Press page here.

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  1. Awesome to see some publicity in the Star! Keep up the awesome work!

    James St. James Toronto, Canada January 10th, 2011 3:55am

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