Geez 45 launch on ‘time’

Credit: Darryl Brown

A quick, last-minute reminder to folks in the Winnipeg area. We have a launch tonight of Geez 45, which is on the theme of “time.”

Why an issue on time? Because we need to live into a different way of being on the planet. Our sense of time is too easily stretched and strained according to the demands of a work day or the perpetual trials of feeling productive. Or, if we’re under-employed or elderly, our days and moments may seen useless when measured with a capitalist clock.

Join us as we launch this issue and hear historian Jarvis Brownlie, speak about “How oral histories can undermine the colonial, capitalist system.”

Wednesday, March 1st, 7:30-9:30, at Fools and Horses, 379 Broadway, in Winnipeg.

(admission by donation)

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  1. Reading this issue brought back memories of a self I no longer recognize. As a child my school report cards were replete with comments that “he is a day dreamer”. As I matured I gave in to the prevailing notion that this was not a quality to be embraced. By the time I graduated university I had fully suppressed and forgotten that day dreamer. Your issue makes me long for him and brought a sadness to my heart for all young day dreamers who are being squelched.

    Ron Janzen Winnipeg March 18th, 2017 1:55am

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