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  • Cloves and Nutmeg - Well known herbs in Sri lanka.

    Cloves and Nutmeg - Well known herbs in Sri lanka.

    Cloves and Nutmeg – Well known herbs in Sri lanka.

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  • Suburban Garden

    Suburban Garden

    Today is my dad’s birthday. When I asked him what he wanted for this special day he simply replied, “Seeds, for the garden.” It feels so great every time. Just to be out in the sun, ripping away at weeds, stomping that tiller into the ground, and then twisting away, hearing the detachment of the roots and grass patches that thought they were cemented in the ground. You spend countless hours watering, picking ripened fruits and sinking hands into rich soil for new life to grow. I can think of nothing more calming than that of gardening.

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  • Only fish in the sea

    Only fish in the sea

    My college roommate watching her boyfriend fish at a lake 15 minutes away from our campus.

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  • Three little birds

    Three little birds

    I opened my blinds and was breath taken by the view I saw. It is amazing how the simple things can truly make you happy.

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  • The Note of Remembrance

    The Note of Remembrance

    I was inspired to play the guitar from one of my friends who said music helps you get through things when times are tough. Just recently my great grandma passed away and the memory of her lingered around my mind, She loved music. The guitar made it seem like she was there by my side. Music helps you and connects to almost any situation in life. Whenever your mind is dwelling on the past, make it a happy thought. Into music

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