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  • Cellar


    A friend’s dad has this habit of making little cabins on his rural property. It’s his way of keeping the time-honoured tradition of providing hospitality. “This way if someone comes over, they have a place to stay.” Here a little hatch leads to a hole in the ground under the cabin, in case someone needs a quite place to be, he said.

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  • Apples


    There’s a big crab apple tree in the country, where, if we don’t pick the fruit, it will rot on the ground. We put it through a machine that squishes it core, stem and all. Then boiled and put it in jars. Had local, zesty, pulpy juice all year.

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  • Snow carving

    Snow carving

    Every winter we put a huge chunk of snow in our front yard, add a snow carving, and it becomes a public art gallery. Here my partner, the carver, allows a swimmer to break the surface. The year before, she made a big toilet, to suggest we need more outdoor facilities.

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