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  • the other side

    the other side

    I guess I’m not the girl you thought you knew.

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  • Cthru


    This album started as an experiment in spontaneous art creation. After doodling one day on a found piece of tree bark I got the idea to create Random Acts of Doodleness. Instead of taking my drawing with me, I left it to be possibly found by someone. Wherever I happen to be, if I see something that draws my attention I work with it. I mostly draw on found materials, but also make a doodle out of material itself. The purpose is to be spontaneous, but also not attached to your creation. I always leave the piece behind, initial it, date it and take a photo of it.

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  • creating together

    creating together

    In the absence of summer programs, or much art education, some neighbors in the MacArthur Park neighborhood of Los Angeles started a weekly art course for kids in the neighborhood, bringing in local professional and amateur artists to teach classes in everything from painting to origami, creating beautiful things in the concrete courtyard together.

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  • stroke and heart attack at thirty

    stroke and heart attack at thirty

    My otherwise healthy and fit husband had a mini stroke and small heart attack at thirty. It happened as he walked in to the Macy’s after work, looking for a pair of jeans. The first thing he thought when he realized something was terribly wrong was, “God, I don’t want to die at the mall.” After a night in the ER, a few more in the ICU, and the rest of the week spent in the hospital, I finally pulled out my camera to document our curious situation. What category does a picture like this belong in? Perhaps Experiments in Life- not one chosen but given\. An experience in illness and near death, in fear and recovery, in the rusty healthcare machine and the fragile resilience of life. The answers and explanations never came, but healing eventually did, a slower more patient and gracious life.

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  • Golden Illumination

    Golden Illumination

    Delhi Roads At Night

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