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  • Beach Fun

    Beach Fun

    I was having my own walk on the beach with my camera. I saw these little girls playing on the beach I thought it was so beautiful. Children are our innocence and I wonder what age you loose that? Some can keep that and some loose it. However in this pic I caught the purity if humanity unaware of my camera.

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  • Mystery Tree

    Mystery Tree

    My Husband and I were on a short vacation to Palm Springs a nice place but very hot. We went driving around and this tree caught my eye. Out of all the trees around it this looked so old and decrepit I had to take a photo. So in this tree I see my marriage of 10 yrs and growing full of wisdom .

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  • Spirit of Christmas

    Spirit of Christmas

    Although we are adults but we are kids in the depth of our souls. We expect christmas miracles like our children. We pationately wait and dream till the end of our life…

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  • My rabbit Sandra and my 94 years old Grandmother

    My rabbit Sandra and my 94 years old Grandmother

    My grandmother passed away last year in December at the age of 94. This photo shows my grandmother greeting my rabbit Sandra after she was introduce to her. I have a very strong bond with my rabbit, and missing my grandmother makes this a very unforgettable moment that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

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  • Jesus Can Cut Your Strings

    Jesus Can Cut Your Strings

    This past spring, The Salvage Yard Church of Minneapolis participated in the Free Speech section of the May Day Parade in Minneapolis. Every year in celebration of May Day, the Heart of the Beast Theatre in Minneapolis puts on a parade down Bloomington Ave. The parade boasts huge puppets, tallbikes, and art and attracts every anarchist/peaceworker/weirdo around the Minneapolis area.
    The Heart of the Beast Theatre usually has a theme for their puppet show, but allows other organizations to participate in the Free Speech section at the end. The Free Speech section is usually filled with various political organizations or campaigns (usually green or third party), preaching how to work and organize for peace. These groups are in high contrast with the large presence of various bike punks (largely from the Black Label Bike Club) that either directly or indirectly promote an outlook to “fuck peace, let’s drink”.
    In the midst of the highly organized political tactics and largely apathetic (yet incredibly artistic) punk scene lied the Salvage Yard’s demonstration of the freedom of a life devoted to Jesus.
    Philip Shorey (the puppet master) and Molly Paulson led a crowd of life-sized marionette puppets all masked and bound up by various sin. “Money”, “Guilt”, “Hate”, “Gloom”, and “Worry” were amongst the words written atop the various marionettes. As the crowd progressed down the parade, Molly and Philip would run around with giant scissors that had the name of Jesus written on them, shouting, “Jesus can cut your strings!”.
    Molly and Philip would repeatedly approach the marionettes and ask them if they wanted their strings cut and they would refuse. Two “free” marionettes accompanied the masked marionettes and walked along the parade playing instruments and rejoicing.
    This was a powerful demonstration of the freedom and peace that Christ brought into the world when he walked on this earth. Jesus gave us the best example of peace and freedom. When we can reconcile with all of the harm that the church has brought into the world (because we are fallen people), we can see the true freedom and peace that comes with trusting and following Jesus.

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