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  • Obama’s Eid greetings

    As would seem becoming of a president, Barack Obama issues statements for various religious occasions. Take a look at Barack and Michelle’s message on the occasion of Eid, the conclusion of Ramadan.

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  • Jane Doe

    An obscure federal program helped “Jane Doe” escape severe domestic abuse by changing her identity and relocating her. Then the Alberta government blew her cover. My article about Jane Doe appears in today’s Globe and Mail.

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  • The architectural ‘least of these’

    My article in the current issue of Geez looks at the architectural mark left on Latin America by the Roman Catholic church – from grandiose monuments to the little bamboo prayer chapel at Taize in Brazil.

    This post features photos of the churches mentioned in the article.

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  • Famine as photo op

    With hunger plaguing the Horn of Africa, the distended belly is back in the news. It’s a shocking site – a motionless, blank-eyed Somali child with a swollen abdomen. Or maybe it isn’t shocking.

    Have we become numb to images of human deprivation? How should misery be communicated?

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  • Zondervan happy to eat at Murdoch’s table

    Zondervan says the fact that they are owned by a media tycoon of dubious repute poses no ethical dilemma for them. The websites of CNN, USA Today, and The New York Observer have all picked up the story.

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  • Rupert Murdoch: Bible mogul

    Most Christians don’t know that media giant Rupert Murdoch – the guy who had to shut down his British tabloid News of the World amidst international scandal – owns the world’s leading Bible publisher, Zondervan. What are we to make of this mix of billionaire media tycoonery, dingy tabloid dealings and the Holy Word of God?

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  • Just trying to help

    Our family had a brutal track record when it came to delivering Christmas hampers. These awkward experiences illustrate the complexities of helping and are part of a recent article I wrote on that topic for Canadian Mennonite magazine.

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  • Pope knows food

    Critiquing the system that keeps 925 million people hungry, Pope Benedict recently said, “Food has become the object of speculation and is tied to the movements of financial markets which. . . seem fixated on the single objective of profit?” Now the church just needs to stop using Eucharistic wafers made with flour from the same profit-driven system.

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  • Aiming at Evil: Comments on the death of Osama bin Laden

    On the surface, the story of Osama’s end is simple and satisfying: The good guys got their man. Justice has been done. But what if the real world is more complicated than the old good-guys-versus-bad-guys narrative?

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