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  • Church leaders buy plane tickets to fight climate change

    A Winnipeg Free Press reporter called me to solicit my comment on the fact that two Canadian church leaders are at the Durban climate conference. Here’s what I told her, and some of what I didn’t tell her.

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  • Request from Zondervan

    After publicizing Zondervan’s connection to disgraced media tycoon Rupert Murdoch earlier this year – Murdoch’s NewsCorp owns Zondervan – I was surprised to receive a recent request from Zondervan to write a back-cover endorsement for a book they will be releasing soon. I felt conflicted.

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  • Would your church welcome someone who did time for sex offences against minors?

    Earlier this fall I interviewed a man who served time for sexual offenses against minors. I also talked to people at the church that has welcomed him. One person at the church lamented the common hostility toward released sex offenders in society, describing it as an “accepted form of hate.” I wanted to show the opposite. The result is a feature article in the current issue of The United Church Observer.

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  • Religion 101 with Michelle and Barack: Diwali

    President Obama’s statement on the occasion of Diwali, the festival of lights celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and some Buddhists.

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  • Farmers flaunt wealth in support of starving peasants

    Is a world-record harvest of soybeans by a line-up of quarter-million dollar combines part of the solution to world hunger? That depends who you ask.

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  • Christian school cancels Bush breakfast

    A Christian post secondary school in Toronto thought it could get away with holding an unpublicized fund-raising breakfast featuring George W. Bush. The secretive approach back fired, and the school president missed his chance to shake hands with the most famous Christian of our time.

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  • Sunday is not a day for school

    Now that my son is 4, I can no longer ignore the question of how to talk with him about God. I don’t know what to say to him. The closest I’ve come is to take him to the nouveau-Anglican church down the street – the one with a well-equipped playroom and a communion service compelling enough to draw the little guy away from the toy garbage trucks.

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  • In defence of voter apathy

    I’ve always felt it was my duty as a supposedly good citizen to vote. But this year, as the inanity and acrimony of the Manitoba election campaign wore on, I said screw it.

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  • Nation of the Dammed

    In my part-time work for a faith-based NGO that addresses energy issues, I recently wrote “Nation of the Dammed,” a magazine article that asks whether Canada’s multi-billion-dollar hydropower boom will help cool the climate, as industry leaders claim.

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  • God and the great indoors (or) Putting the sun back in Sunday

    The current issue of Geez is about the psycho-geography of sacred space. I think my little rant about stained glass might fit that category.

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