Holy Moly

  • Groups Pray Over Enbridge Pipeline

    As thousands of barrels of crude flowed silently through pipes beneath our feet, we lamented the complicated reality of oil. Fifteen hundred kilometres down the same pipeline system, staff and friends of a spiritual retreat centre held their own service of lament.

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  • Churches cautious on Northern Gateway

    The proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline from the Alberta oil sands to the B.C. coast is an issue that will do much to shape Canada’s moral make-up. Despite that, churches have yet to engage significantly in the debate.

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  • Reduce, reuse, repent: Earth Day tent revival

    I attended my first postmodern, eco-tent revival meeting last Sunday. What a hoot. Holy mischief, hallelujah! (Don’t miss the link to the Walmart flash mob video.)

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  • Commander-in-Chief interprets Easter

    President Obama hosted an Easter prayer breakfast at the White House on April 4. See what the most powerful man on earth had to say about crucifixion and resurrection.

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  • Franklin Graham tangles with Obama

    American evangelist Billy Graham has met every U.S. president since WWII and gotten quite close to some of them. But his son and evangelistic heir Franklin, faltered recently in his presidential relations.

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  • Billy Graham meets the evangelist of outrage

    A comparison of two books by guys in their 90s. One, history’s greatest evangelist, the other a concentration camp survivor who helped draft the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

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  • National prayer breakfast for the 99 percent

    “Every year there is a gathering of [American] faith, political, business, military and media leaders. . . . It is called the National Prayer Breakfast. This breakfast is by invitation only with a cost of $650.00 a plate.” So says a group called “People’s Prayer Breakfast.” So while Obama was praying with the big wigs, they held a parallel event.

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  • Christmas hamper horror stories

    In July, I shared two personal stories about Christmas hamper deliveries gone sour. They were in an article entitle Just Trying to Help that explored the complexities of doing good. If the standard narrative of seasonal cheer is not nuanced enough for you, or if you just believe in deepening the goodwill generated at this time of year, this piece may be a good fit for you this holiday season.

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  • I can’t fake Christmas

    Christianity has lost the struggle for Christmas. Every vain utterance of “the reason for the season” reminds us of a lost battle (if you are into culture battles, that is). But I still like Christmas, mostly – but not entirely – for the “wrong” reasons.

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  • Church leaders join peasant fight against Italian energy company in rural Guatemala

    Mennonite development worker Tobias Roberts was invited to serve as an international observer at high-stakes negotiations between indigenous leaders in the highlands of Guatemala and an Italian energy company building a hydro-electric dam in the area. He reports on the situation.

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