Issues on the horizon: Sermon contest, disabilities, freebies

Here is a lineup of themes that we’ll be covering in the months to come. Please note, this is a rough outline only and is subject to change according to editors’ discretion. Of course each issue has regular sections in which non-thematic material may fit: Culturosities, Reviews, Civil Disobedience and Experiments. We welcome pitches for those as well. - Aiden Enns, editor

Geez 35 celebrates the merits of failure. In an age of bigger is better, weakness is despised. We’ve grown quick to praise the triumphs of the powerful, but perhaps the way of insecurity is the path of hope. See the call for pitches here.

In Geez 36 we contemplate the apocalypse. Derrick Jensen and Jerry Jenkins both await the end. One’s a radical environmentalist who cheers on the collapse of civilization, the other holds his nose in the face of evil and awaits his escape from Armageddon. Will it be rapture and resurrection or ecological devastation? We’ve tasted the future – um, because it’s already here – and have solemn news: a light can still shine in the darkness. And this just in: several lights are brighter than one.

(Note: some topics may change.)

Send ideas, pitches and images to stories [at] or Geez stories, 400 Edmonton Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 2M2 Canada

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